Turning Point Consulting helps you to develop strategies around your most pressing business issues. We then coach you as you implement these strategies, accelerating your progress, enhancing the level of performance you achieve and increasing your likelihood of success in achieving your objectives.

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1:1 Executive Coaching for…..making Effective Leadership Your Competitive Advantage

  • Executives leading or in the midst of major change, challenges, or growth in their business, industry, or careers.
  • Physician Leaders making a transition into leadership, developing their leadership, and/or driving significant change.
  • Successful Leaders seeking to drive a higher level of short- and long-term performance.
  • Leaders being groomed for senior leadership positions.
  • Leaders that want to make how they lead, manage, develop, and engage their people a competitive advantage.
  • Leaders that want to leverage their strengths and lead with purpose, passion, and authenticity.
  • Leaders struggling in effectively driving results through leading and managing others.
  • Executives new in position that want to avoid the typical mistakes made in starting a new position and that want to strategically leverage their orientation period to lay a strong foundation for short- and long-term success – Executive Effectiveness Accelerator