The Virtual Exchange Office

The Electronic Order Office (VAO) is a extensive, all-inclusive product, which is on a membership basis. That features a knowledge repository, training and events, and a cell app. VAO’s subscriptions are scalable, based on size of your organization.

The Virtual Acquisition Office has more than 50, 1000 subscribers, and its returning visitor pace is big. It provides a various information and resources to assist federal agencies and their employees increase productivity and develop their very own business.

VAO is a subscription-based fixed-price service, which will delivers a number of benefits to federal agencies. Subscriptions are based on size of the organization, and include several products and services. They consist of:

A tool named the VAO Acquisition Life Cycle Tool synthesizes styles, events, and training prospects to a series of layouts and training materials. It draws on the group insight with the VAO community to provide users with a clear view of their peers’ contracting situations.

VAO’s mobile request offers smooth access to content material and is equipped with an enhanced online learning mode. Users can also build relationships a local library of earlier acquisition queries and information.

As a great all-in-one merchandise, VAO is usually an affordable, dependable, and strong solution for your acquisition needs. It includes an informative publication, a knowledge database, and a full fit of equipment and resources.

Whether you are a tiny government firm or a huge enterprise, VAO is a confirmed source of obtain tools, information, and schooling. Subscribers have got access to conferences and marketing events.

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