Patti Ayars…..

  • is the author of two books on change management
  • was named one of the top 25 most powerful women in Human Resources by HR Executive magazine for successfully tackling the most challenging issues in the field

Patti Ayars is a true expert in leadership effectiveness and change management.  She is also an engaging speaker that inspires audiences to think differently about what’s possible for themselves and their organizations!  After hearing Patti speak your audience will be inspired, energized and equipped to take the action required to make their vision a reality.

To download a pdf document with an overview of Patti’s speaking, click here:  Patti Ayars Speaking Overview.   Also, check out the Testimonials page to see what people have to say about the impact of Patti’s speaking!

How to Drive Transformational Change
In our fast moving world change is inevitable and is happening at a more rapid pace than any time in our history.  This dynamic is causing numerous organizations to have to change, sometimes to radically change, to transform their identity, their core business, their culture or their customer relationships.  Successfully leading transformational change is challenging.  Attendees will learn a simple, yet powerful, framework for leading transformational change.  They will learn how transformational change is different from incremental change and how to successfully lead change that is transformational. Whether it is executives responsible for leading change or a team of sales people working to change customer behavior, this is a “must attend” session for those who want to drive the current and future competitiveness of their organization.

The Secret to Successful Change: Gaining Momentum for Change….and Keeping It!

In sports you can sense a change in the momentum in a game. One team makes a big play and every play that follows seems to go their way. Organizational energy is normally not this visible, but it is equally as powerful.  Momentum to drive a particular objective continually ebbs and flows and a lack of energy can quickly derail even the best change efforts.  Attendees will learn how to manage momentum and focus the energy of their organization in a way that accelerates their progress in achieving their change objectives!


Managing Energy to Maximize Performance
Maintaining work-life balance is a challenge and, unfortunately, effective time management alone is not working.  There is another way.  Based on the pioneering work of Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, this program shares how Managing Energy, Not Time is the key to high performance and personal renewal.  In this presentation you will learn about four sources of energy and how you can effectively manage your energy to maximize your performance and the quality of your life.

It’s Your Future: Take Charge of It!

Change is underway in the way organizations develop their people. Increasingly organizations are asking people to take the lead in their own development and high potential people naturally take responsibility for their own development.  Do your people have the skills to take the lead in developing themselves for the future? Attendees will learn a novel and powerful framework for approaching their development and how to get into action that enables them to develop themselves and achieve their career objectives.

Customized speeches on these or other topics are also available!